Whew! Common Reasons For Stinky Plumbing Problems


Sometimes your plumbing stinks and it’s not because of your toilet. From backed up food in the garbage disposal to clogs in your bathroom sink, there are many reasons why your drains could be making your home smell bad.

To help you freshen things up, here are some of the most common causes of stinky drains and what you can do to make them smell better.

You have a buildup of biofilm

Biofilm buildup could be the reason why your shower drain doesn’t smell super great. Biofilm is a residue caused by the accumulated waste from shower products like shampoo, soap, and creams.

The natural bacteria in your drain clings to the biofilm and feeds on it. The gross stink you’re smelling from the drain is the smell of the bacteria.

You can easily clear out the biofilm in your shower drain by removing the built-up bacteria using a natural cleaner. You’ll want to pour five to ten quarters of hot water down the drain and follow it up with a cup of white vinegar and a half-cup of baking soda. Run another pot of hot water down the drain in two hours.

There’s an issue with the p-trap

The p-trap is the p-shaped portion of the pipe under your shower, sink, and other plumbing fixtures. The p-trap holds water to prevent gas and odors from coming up out of your drain.

Your p-trap can dry out over time if you don’t use your home’s toilets or showers frequently enough (like in the guest bathroom). Cycle water frequently through your fixtures to avoid future problems.

There are breach issues in your sewer line

Sometimes the smells coming from your drain are a sign of a bigger problem. Clogs in your sewer line can cause a backup of waste, which can make your drains smell.

If you suspect that there’s a problem with your main sewer line like clogging toilets, gurgling sounds from drains, and pest problems, it’s crucial to contact an emergency plumber in San Jose.

Looking for nearby plumbing services?

If you’re experiencing stinky drains and need the help of nearby plumbing services in Sacramento, you’re not alone. In fact, America’s aging sewer systems spill 1.26 trillion gallons of untreated sewage every year. Talk about stink!

The good news is that the emergency plumbers of Preferred Plumbing and Drain can help. To schedule an appointment with our plumbing services, contact us today.

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