Emergency Plumbers Stop Sewer Seepage When Drains Are Clogged

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America’s sewer systems are aging and spilling an estimated 1.26 trillion gallons of raw sewage every year. What does this mean for you and your family? You will eventually have to deal with clogged drains and need drain cleaning services due to a sewer line stoppage. It isn’t safe to use chemical drain cleaners, either. The only thing that will truly keep your plumbing system in top working order is a visit from a local plumber. Have no doubt about it, drain cleaning is actually an emergency plumbing service meant to keep your home safe and healthy, especially where sewage is concerned.

What’s That Smell?

Do you smell a foul odor and you’re not sure where it’s coming from? It could be a sewer line stoppage. When a main sewer line has stopped working as it should due to a clog, it can affect your entire home plumbing system. Water will begin to back up and eventually it will travel up through your drains. This is not something you want your family to be around since it can be quite gross. However, it’s actually more than gross, it’s hazardous for many reasons. Water seepage is full of harmful bacteria and can cause water damage which leads to the growth of mold, as well. The moment you suspect that you are dealing with a sewer line stoppage, you need the assistance of emergency plumbers.

Know What You Should Do First

The very first thing you should do is call a local plumbing company in Sacramento. Next stop using any plumbing in your home. The use of water only makes the problem worse. You should refrain from using any part of a plumbing system until the situation has been investigated, and any clogs have been removed. When you keep these things in mind, the entire situation becomes a little easier to handle. The one thing you shouldn’t do is delay in calling a plumber.

What Causes a Sewer Line Stoppage?

There are actually many reasons a sewer line suffers from a stoppage. Some of the more common reasons include an obstruction caused by a foreign object, years of built-up grime, sludge, and grease, dislocated or broken pipes, tree roots that have grown and spread through the pipes, or an over-filled tank if you are using a septic tank connected to a sewer line. Regardless of the reason, when you’re facing a sewer line stoppage it’s time to get the clog removed and the lines cleaned out.

What Will a Plumber Do to Help?

Once the plumber arrives, they will locate and inspect your home’s sewer cleanout. If there are any clogs there, such as accumulated grease, they will get rid of them. Other services they offer that correlate with a sewer line stoppage include sewer cleaning, cleaning drains, rooter service, hydro-jetting, video inspections, leak detection, and trench-less sewer services. You can count on a reputable plumbing company to come prepared with the latest technology such as sewer cameras, that make it fast and easy to inspect pipes so the problem can be found sooner rather than later. No matter what problem has caused your sewer line stoppage, they have the tools, equipment, skills, and knowledge to take care of the issue.

Are You Prepared for a Sewer Problem?

The only way you can truly be prepared for a sewer problem is to have your drains cleaned and the lines checked annually. Most people don’t give their drainage systems a second thought until they experience a problem. Plumbing experts have the effective solutions you require so you can start safely using the plumbing in your home again. Be sure to watch for even the slightest amount of backup in certain areas of your home. Areas including downspout drains, bathtub and shower drains, kitchen and sink drains, floor drains, and toilets need professional plumbing attention as soon as you suspect any signs of backflow. The moment you determine that you are having a problem, get experienced emergency plumbers involved so you and your family stay safe and healthy.

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