How Do You Diagnose a Water Heater Problem

How Do You Diagnose a Water Heater Problem

A water heater is critical to our everyday life, providing hot water for bathing, cooking, and laundry. A water heater can last up to 13 years with proper maintenance. Most people delay repairs until the water heater malfunctions and experience costly repairs in the future. Whether you own a conventional, tankless, or solar water heater, it’s essential to know the alarming signs. During the winter, your heater plays a crucial role, so you must ensure it is functioning smoothly. There are tell-tale signs that indicate your water heater needs repair by the best plumbers in San Jose.

Here are the conspicuous signs to look for.

1.   Tank leakage

A moist area or pool on the floor indicates water heater tank leakage. Water heater leaks can happen due to silt accumulation, poor maintenance, or wear and tear. If you notice leakage around the seams, you may need a water heater replacement. Additionally, a dripping TPR valve indicates that unsafe pressures are building inside the tank. If your water heater leaks, call a skilled plumber for the best water heater repair in San Jose.

2.   Strange sounds

When the water heater accumulates sediment, you can hear tapping or knocking noises coming from it. Sediment buildup can lead to tears in the metal, causing leaks that will ruin your water heater. Fortunately, draining your water heater can save it from malfunctioning. If you don’t feel confident undertaking the task, hiring a professional offers you the best solution.

3.   Temperature fluctuations

The uneven water temperature is another sign that your water heater is failing. If a problem occurs with the thermostat, it can be fixed. But, you may have a significant problem if the heating elements are broken. To determine whether your water heater thermostat needs replacement, you can test it with a multimeter. Temperature fluctuations are alarming indicators of a water heater’s failure.

4.   Murky water

When the anode rod in your water heater tank starts to fail, you may notice your hot water is turning yellow, discoloured, or rusty. Since the anode rod prevents corrosion inside the tank, and if it malfunctions, the tank begins to rust in no time. Consequently, you start seeing rusty or muddy-looking water. If the issue is minor, replacing the anode rods could prolong the life of the device, or you may try to drain the appliance. Consulting your local plumber in San Jose can help you suggest the best solution.


Looking for these signs will help you fix your water heater timely. Water heaters can be dangerous to handle if you have insufficient knowledge and no experience. If you attempt to diagnose or repair a water heater yourself, wear protective gloves and goggles before unplugging it from the circuit. Consulting with the best plumbers for water heater installation in San Jose can be beneficial. You may have to replace the whole unit if you ignore the warning signs.