Leaks Don’t Wait, Call for Emergency Plumbing Service


Flushing a toilet uses 38% of the average United States household’s usage of water. Add a leak on top of that and a significant amount of water is wasted. Chances are you may not even notice a leak when it first starts. Sometimes leaks happen in areas of plumbing that are not noticeable. So generally, you won’t notice when something is going wrong with your plumbing until it is an obvious emergency that calls for emergency plumbing service from a local plumber.

Leaks can cause much havoc and stress. They can cause your entire plumbing system to go out of service. Your belongings and home are at immediate risk of water damage too. Water damage can be quite substantial and cause many issues with your home that are very expensive. This is an important reason why you don’t want to wait when you first notice a leak. Emergency plumbing service is available from 24/7 plumbers in Sacramento, so you can contact them any time during day or night. Leaks don’t hesitate to cause damage, so you shouldn’t hesitate to get them fixed immediately.

What Constitutes a Plumbing Emergency Concerning Leaks?

Common emergencies for leaks can be avoided, especially when you have your plumbing inspected annually by local plumbers. When you make an effort to take care of your plumbing you will find that leaks are not as probable. Pay attention to areas where leaks typically form including your toilet, pipes, drains, and fixtures. If you notice any leaking, even just the slightest, you need to get plumbing help fast. The sooner you have leaks detected, the more likely it will be that they are handled correctly before significant damage can take place.

Are You Having Toilet Troubles?

A leaking or running toilet is a big problem, especially if you leave the leak unattended over a long period of time. Why is a leaky toilet such an issue? What seems like a leak that isn’t any big deal can actually destroy your baseboards, floors, walls and even ceilings. You will also find that your water bill has increased because you are wasting more water. The moment you spot a toilet leak you need emergency plumbing service. Otherwise, you could be dealing with a toilet that eventually overflows in your home. You want to avoid that at all costs to keep your family safe and healthy.

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A Dripping Fixture Is a Problem

A dripping shower head or leaky faucet are both plumbing problems that call for emergency plumbing service. A tap that is left to drip wastes nearly 3,000 gallons of water annually. That’s the same amount of water used to take 180 showers. Well, showers you could have taken if the water wasn’t just going down the drain unused. Ultimately, drips cost you money and are known to wear fixtures out well before their time.

A Burst Pipe Is the Biggest Leak of All

Burst pipes are a clear-cut plumbing emergency. There is no doubt that you will need emergency plumbing service if the pipes in your home have burst. If you’ve noticed that your pipes are leaking, call an emergency plumbing company before they get to the point of bursting. The water damage due to a burst pipe can be tremendously overwhelming and it happens rapidly. Pipes burst due to wear and tear, or if they have frozen. To keep your pipes in great condition, don’t turn the heat off if you go out of town. Also, have your pipes inspected on a regular basis by professional plumbers who can detect weak spots and fix them.

How to Handle an Emergency Plumbing Problem

If pipes have already burst, make sure to shut off the water at the shut-off valves for your home. Locate them now instead of waiting for an emergency and disaster strikes. Plumbing technicians are ready to answer your emergency call 24/7, so call them immediately when facing any plumbing leaks. You need repairs fast and your local plumbing service is available to keep your plumbing and home protected.