Types of Plumbing Services

Types of Plumbing Services

Homeowners encounter a high number of plumbing-related problems. To help resolve the same, a plumbing company in Oakland offers several types of plumbing services. These services are designed to ensure that everyone gets a solution to every problem that may arise.

For a better understanding, as a customer, let’s take a look at the different types of plumbing services.

Drainage Services

Drains most often give you the problem of clogs. While everyone tries to clear clogs using a plunger and chemical cleaner, it doesn’t always give the desired result. You can suffer from the problems of slow-moving drains, foul odor, recurring clogs, and water flooding. These problems are deep-rooted, and it will be challenging for you to reach the area of concern in the drain pipes. Consequently, it is a good idea to hire a professional plumber to fix the same.

Professional plumbers have the training and license to efficiently complete such jobs. The scope of work under drainage services include the following activities:

  • Oakland drain cleaning, repair, and maintenance
  • Sewer inspection, testing, maintenance, and cleaning
  • Underground drains repair and clearing
  • Removal and installation of sewer treatment systems
  • Catch basin cleaning
  • Bathroom, basement, and kitchen plumbing

Water Supply Services

A problem in the water supply is a major plumbing concern and can frustrate you. Some of these include backflows, blockages, and leakages on slabs. Fortunately, there is an effective solution for every problem. This solution comes under the scope of work for water supply services.

  • Installation, inspection, testing, repair, and maintenance of hot/cold water supply in the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Installation, inspection, testing, repair, and maintenance of hot water systems.
  • Development of a connection with the rainwater tanks for garden irrigation and flushing toilets.

Gas Plumbing Services

The services of the plumbing industry aren’t restricted to the installation, repair, and maintenance of water-related supply pipes and lines. Their services also include jobs like gas fitting.

While you can delay water-related plumbing concerns for a bit, you cannot postpone the repairs of gas-related plumbing problems. Even if the problem is small, you must immediately contact a professional plumber for gas plumbing services like:

Emergency Plumbing Services

Plumbing issues can arrive at any time. It is no longer surprising to wake up to a leaking shower or a clogged drain. While many are aware of the chances of plumbing-related emergencies, most aren’t ready to handle the stress. To ensure that you can manage emergency plumbing problems, have the contact details of a professional plumber handy. Get in touch as soon as you see the first signs of the problem.

The scope of work for emergency plumbing services includes installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and repair of the following:

  • All plumbing fixtures
  • Sewer drains


Plumbers handle different plumbing problems every single day. Some require expert skills, tools, and equipment, while others are easy to troubleshoot. Following a DIY approach for plumbing problems isn’t suggested since you can end up escalating the problem even further. Therefore, always seek the advice of a professional plumber to solve both minor and major plumbing problems.