4 Vital Maintenance Tips for your Tankless Water Heater

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The tankless water heater is popular among people who want hot water on demand and energy savings. While tankless water heaters generally don’t need extensive maintenance, it does require some routine maintenance to keep it working at optimal efficiency for long. As per experienced plumbers San Jose, your tankless water heaters can last more than their service life with routine maintenance and some care tips.

In fact, the more care and maintenance you put into, the better efficiency and functionality will be.

Keep reading this blog to uncover essential maintenance tasks that are useful for increasing its life and maximize its performance.

  • Replace or Clean water line filter

Waterline filter does the job of trapping hard water, sediment, and scale. A water filter is a vital part of water heaters to provide you with improved water quality by catching these contaminants before they come out with water through the faucets. The sediments in water affect the functionality of your tankless water heater. These contaminants can also damage your plumbing, pipes, and faucets. Therefore, it’s essential to clean or replace water filters.

  • Descale and flush

Flushing and descaling do seem like a long-winded task, but it is so basic and important to prevent potential issues that can bring along with no flushing. The sediment, calcium, magnesium, and lime tend to build up in the water heater over time, instead of having a water line filter. When there is sediment and other build-ups inside your water heater, its heat exchanger will work harder than it is actually required. Homes with a hard water supply should flush it twice a year, or every 9 months. In addition, contact professional water heater and drain cleaning San Jose experts as they can help you decide how often you should flush the water heater unit.

Both of these tasks require minimal assistance and can be performed on your own. Descaling is needed at least once a year. Follow proper instructions while descaling and flushing your water heater.

  • Clean your air filter

Over time, the air filter inside your tankless water heater will accumulate calcium buildup, dirt, and debris, which will restrict the airflow. That’s why you will need to clean it regularly to ensure proper airflow. Cleaning this air filter is a simple task. Do follow the user manual when you start to clean it.

  • Call experts for regular inspections and get it serviced

As a part of essential maintance work, you should get your tankless water heater units serviced from water heater repair San Jose professionals at least once a year. Inspections are necessary to find out potential problems in water heaters and also make sure all the elements in the water heater are in good condition and not damaged. Regular inspections also ensure early or timely detection of problems so that they can be repaired before they cause serious water heater issues. Therefore, stick to your inspection schedule and get it inspected regularly. Some inspection checks can also be performed by you.

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